When you feel the baby move, it will feel like a unicorn farting into a pool of rainbows, and other lies

As I’m rounding the halfway mark of my pregnancy, I am being inundated by emails from Belly-Bumpy-Pregnancy-Tracker-Whoosie-Whatsies galore about feeling the baby move and the sensation I can expect on the receiving end. These sites and forums all promised me one of the following sensational (in the literal sense) options:

1. It feels like bubbles popping

2. It feels like a goldfish swimming around

3. It feels like butterflies

CORRECTION: It feels like a mini-human is inside my stomach punching me. Sometimes it feels like that mini-human has put on snowshoes and decided to forage around in my intestines searching for gold. But in no way does it feel like a goldfish. Or a butterfly. Or a bubble. Who makes this stuff up? This is the weirdest thing: it feels exactly like what you would expect it to feel like, so why all the weird analogies? How many of us have felt a goldfish swimming around in our stomach for that to be an accurate analogy anyway? Well there was that one time… but alas, I digress.

On a more nurturing note, it is like the coolest feeling in the world. That little mango moves All. The. Time. and it makes me oh-so-happy to know my baby is wriggling away the days safe and sound. But each time I get an email telling me I am going to feel a goldfish holding hands with a butterfly inside a bursting bubble, I have to laugh to myself.

On a fun note, we find out the gender in two weeks! I’m hoping it’s a dragon.


5 thoughts on “When you feel the baby move, it will feel like a unicorn farting into a pool of rainbows, and other lies

  1. I love your title, so cute! If it’s a girl, I am sure she is practicing…..she is going to be a dancer and wear pink tutus and pink cowboy boots, just like her mommy did!

    • Right? So funny… I just don’t understand! I was talking about this same thing with another new mom-to-be the other night. It literally feels just like you would expect. Haha.

  2. We actually have a dragon, and she’s taken to roaring at her baby brother. He chuckles maniacally (and dare I say malevolently). It’s rather amusing.

    But this does sound like what the missus mentioned. It’s weird, and it is its own thing. It’s a tiny person, moving inside. How do you possibly compare that to, well, anything?

    Congrats, good luck, and so on!

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